Giants will wear white pants for 2016 home games

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Giants will wear white pants for 2016 home games

Mensajepor xgw01 » Lun, 01 Ago 2016, 09:02

Even though each and every one of their 2016 games will take place after Labor Day, the New York Giants on Monday announced they will wear white uniform pants for their regular-season cheap nfl jerseys home games this season.

The Giants wore white Wholesale Detroit Lions Jerseys pants for two home games last year -- the ones against Washington and New England. But after they wear the traditional gray pants for their preseason games, they will go with the blue jerseys and white pants for all eight home games in 2016.

On the road, they will continue to wear gray pants and white jerseys with two exceptions. In the season opener at Dallas, where the home team wears white, the Giants will wear blue (with gray pants). And in the Week 16 Thursday night game at Philadelphia, the Giants will wear their Wholesale nfl jerseys "Color Rush" uniforms, as every team must this year for Thursday night games.

The Color Rush uniforms for 2016 haven't been officially revealed yet, but I'm told they're going to be heavy on the red, which is always the wrong way for the Giants to go in my opinion. wholesale nfl jerseys

And while we're on the topic of my opinion, I don't love the Detroit Lions Jerseys white pants either. I think it looks a little too Little League. But that's just my own personal taste. I understand fans like the white pants, and quite frankly, the way things have gone on the field for the Giants the last three years, any change is welcome. Maybe the white pants will bring better late-game luck.

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