How can I encourage my geology obsessed 6 y-o?

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How can I encourage my geology obsessed 6 y-o?

Mensajepor duyentb » Vie, 26 Feb 2016, 06:53

Hi there - first post as this is really more for my six-year-old son than me. I honestly have very little idea about geology and fossils but for some reason he's become a bit obsessed and I wondered if you could help me encourage that?

It all started because he loves looking for interesting rocks on the beach we go to in Devon (Barricane Beach, which does have some cool rocks). Then he surprised us by asking for a geological hammer for his birthday. It was really sweet but completely out of the blue. As far as I knew he had no idea what a geological hammer was. FWIW I think it's Minecraft that's caused the obsession.

He's sort of half-heartedly bashed away at a few rocks but I feel a bit out of my depth in terms of being able to help him.

I was wondering if there were any suggestions from this great community about things I could buy him, or easy projects I could do with him to help foster this interest? I was wondering about ordering some cool looking crystals off t'internet that he might enjoy learning about and he could keep in his room. Or is there anything cool you can do with a geological hammer now he has one?!

I really appreciate any advice or suggestions!

From a Clueless Dad!

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Re: How can I encourage my geology obsessed 6 y-o?

Mensajepor deniceochoa » Lun, 18 Abr 2016, 05:27

Whenever we form such great bonding towards such things we could also be open to the changes that goes through with it. - Timothy Singhel

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