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present the ply

Mensajepor xiao1236 » Vie, 10 Nov 2017, 10:52

valence respect, at present the ply on blessing person market is 5cm, length is in for the quote of birch sawn timber of 2-3 rice 2300-2600 yuan armstrong wood haven cherry spice / stere left and right sides. And of wood of masson pine, Yu clinch a deal quantity relatively glide somewhat last week, clinch a deal valence signs up for respectively receive 1512 yuan /

stere, clinch a deal valence newspaper receives 5238 yuan / stere. Import sawn timber respect, get of good factor of interest of lumber busy season premier gate hardware drive, performance of market of near future red rose is better, shipment volume rises gradually. The businessman points out at the same time, red rose basically is used shower wall panels uk at replacing cling to

flower, however this year cling to beautiful price rises ceaselessly, accordingly downstream part manufacturer turns and use red rose to replace,door windows design in sri lanka then drove what Gong Mei rares the market buys gas to pick up. Guangdong market red rose is at present long 2, 4m, thick 5cm, class A quotes 6500, 7000 yuan / stere. White oak The near future, the

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