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look at the details of the keel laying method

Publicado: Vie, 10 Nov 2017, 22:47
por xiao1236
<p>affect the mobility, too much will reduce the strength after curing. The agitated self-leveling slurry is poured onto the construction floor and the thickness is controlled with a self-leveling rake, which will flow itself and level the ground. If the design thickness is less than or equal to 4 mm, you need to use a special tooth scraper slightly scraping. Then the construction workers should be allowed to wear a special </p>
<p>spike into the construction of the ground, with a dedicated self-leveling gas cylinder in the self-leveling surface gently rolling, mixing the air into the mixing, to avoid the bubble and the interface height. After the completion of the construction immediately closed the scene, within 5 hours to prohibit walking, within 10 hours to avoid heavy objects hit, 24 hours after the ground laying. Winter construction, the laying of </p>
<p>the floor should be carried out after 48 hours, for self-leveling fine grinding and polishing, should be in the self-leveling construction after 12 hours. Specific construction methods according to the use of self-leveling cement manufacturers.Home decoration in the laying of the floor in order to perfect, need to buy high-quality flooring materials, the appropriate laying method. In addition, the laying of the floor, the </p>
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