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treatment is good or bad and the effect

Publicado: Vie, 10 Nov 2017, 23:00
por xiao1236
<p>grinding machine with the appropriate grinding of the floor to the overall polished, remove the paint, grease, chemical solvents, sulfides or cured products, sealants, asphalt and glue residues, raised and loose The plots and the empty blocks must also be removed. Clean the floor with no less than 2000 watts of industrial vacuum cleaner. Third, the interface agent (primer) treatment 1, in addition to a very small </p>
<p>number of cases, the grassroots need interface agent (primer) treatment; its role is: 1) seal 2) uniform base water absorption to ensure that the self-leveling / adhesive will not be due to the grass-roots level Water absorption is too large and the loss of liquidity or because the grass-roots water absorption is too small and weaken the strength; 3) bonding bridge role to enhance the self-leveling / adhesive and the </p>
<p>grass-roots close integration. 2, the coating method: the cement floor of the interface treatment agent by 1: 1 ratio watered, diluted with wool roller full roller, the high absorption of the base layer to be painted two to three times, concrete floor is no need to watered , Direct roll coating. In the non-absorbent base can not be watered. Drying time is about 1 to 3 hours. (The specific construction method according to </p>
<p>building a decking with composite decking material<br />
permohonan bahan komposit<br />
fixing detail of wpc decking</p>