situation develops relatively

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situation develops relatively

Mensajepor xiao1236 » Mié, 21 Mar 2018, 00:56

lumber market is rapid get warm again after a cold spell Issue date: 2002-8-16 origin: Since 2 quarters, after entering 3 quarters especially, hunan lumber market picks up rapid,composite sleeve for wood 2x4 no matter be of forest zone,be the lumber sale that sells a division, the situation develops relatively value. From produce an area to look, strength of the superintendency to forest hackle denudation, blow was

increased after in recent years forest zone vinyl composite floor tile carries out a day to maintain a project, catch Yo of good seal a moutain pass forest, increase old way material to breed strength, make good base afforestation cradle a cut down, at any time will cut down material
supplies this province man-made board eco friendly fence panel factory and paper mill. This province forest zone still clutched since this year lumber

treatment, hunan province sawn timber already was mixed in Hua Dong, China north northwest market occupied position, raised lumber integrated utilization rate and additional cost. Forest zone notes survey market, in order to sell a system of fixed quotas for grain production, reduce stock keep long in composite outdoor furniture made of milk cartons stock, make sure market price pattern is steady. From sell an area to look, performance

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