third-party testing agencies Colorful Life

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third-party testing agencies Colorful Life

Mensajepor xiao1236 » Mar, 17 Abr 2018, 01:24

In other words, these two products have potential structural risks. This is not the first time that the new national standard has been implemented for two years. A seemingly unpopular technical indicator contrasts the game among consumers, regulators, and companies in terms of demand, standards, and costs.
Structured unsafe children are injured in the home, many of which are caused by a sharp edge, tip or protrusion of the furniture. Therefore, in addition to environmental issues that parents generally care about, structural safety is another important consideration of overall safety.
Based on this, the publication submitted to the third-party testing agencies Colorful Life, Cool Man, IKEA Locker and Songbao Kingdom Bedside Cabinet for structural safety edge and cutting edge and vigilance labeling tests. The results were far from satisfactory.
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