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spending your total daily

Mensajepor sweet » Jue, 24 May 2018, 05:26

Knowing the value of an email address Asics Gel Lyte 5 Mujer helps you bid more strategically for leads and products.

Here’s how to find total value:

LTV = total $ of products Nike Air Max 2016 Womens sold to your email list / total # of emails collected

Let’s say an email is worth $30 in life time value. And let’s say you’re willing to pay $15 per email conversion. Now you know you can bid up to $15 per lead.

To do this, select the bid amount, choose manual, and set the bid value to $15 average. This will ensure that on average, you pay $15 per conversion.

?? Tip: Understand LTV of emails and set your bids accordingly to bid the true value of your emails.

6. Use the Right Objective Per Channel

Facebook has two lead capture campaigns:

Lead ads
Website conversions
The objective you choose can affect ad costs.

AdEspresso ran an experiment to see whether Lead Ads or Website Conversions had a lower cost per lead. Nike Air Presto Femme Overall they found no real difference in total costs.

But platform type impacted results. Lead ads performed better Nike Air Presto Womens on mobile, and website conversions performed better on desktop.

?? Tip: Experiment with lead ads and landing pages on Adidas Zx 500 Femme mobile and desktop.

7. Increase Daily Budgets

Facebook serves ads based on auction data. Many factors determine if your ads appear but price is still an important one.

Larger daily budgets impact the chances of your ads being served. By increasing your daily budget, you allow Facebook to bid more for your target action, and show more ads.

Don’t be concerned about spending your total daily budget. If you’ve set a low bid, there is almost no chance your daily budget will fully spend.

?? Tip: Increase daily budgets in November to win more bids and increase ad delivery.

8. Create and Test Dynamic Product Ads

The secret weapon of every ecommerce advertiser are Dynamic Product Ads.

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