have been reluctant to face the media

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have been reluctant to face the media

Mensajepor xiao1236 » Lun, 20 Mar 2017, 07:34

began with the domestic R & D institutions to strengthen the wooden floor of the patent research work for enterprises to enter the international market to lay the foundation. build new business. Enterprises can look at the global market, and actively explore new export markets, do not run into the US market, eager to transfer products to the country,
which will make the already competitive domestic market, fighting more tragic. Interview Notes In the interview process, many of the flooring companies and industry insiders or to avoid or take anonymity to accept the interview, responding to 337 defeat, so that they bear the unprecedented pressure and difficulties,
for a variety of The reason they have been reluctant to face the media, facing the public. At this moment, the enterprise is more in the planning of the future market, a participant in response to the floor of the bosses of the boss recalled the reason is that he is actively preparing for the exhibition in Beijing.
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